Carpet cleaning

When you've invested in high-quality carpets, you'll want to keep them in excellent condition. That means having carpets professionally cleaned regularly.

Of course, you could have your carpets cleaned by someone inexperienced who's bought a cheap electric carpet cleaner and offers to beat any price, but why would you take the risk with your valuable carpets? And there's more than your carpets at stake.

A clean carpet isn't just about your Axminsters, Brintons and Wiltons. It's about you, your health and the cleanliness of your home. And that's a good reason to choose ECS Carpet Care Limited. Along with cleaner carpets, ugly stains and unpleasant odours are removed, and viruses and bacteria are destroyed and washed away.

What do I get?

You get me, Paul Elliott. Over 30 years of experience. Trained. Qualified. You get the benefit of £30,000 worth of specialist, truck-mounted carpet cleaning equipment – the HydraMaster Titan 425. Wow, that sounds impressive, but what does it do? Compared with electric plug-in-and-play cleaners, it uses superior technology, hotter water, more powerful vacuums along with scientifically developed chemistry to deliver the best clean ever – guaranteed!

A truck-mounted system is not a portable, electric plug-in tool you can rent from a supermarket. A truck-mounted carpet cleaner lives a truck, van, or vehicle. Because it's petrol driven, it is far, far more powerful than an electric unit. That means you get hotter water and up to 20 times more powerful vacuum compared with plug-in systems. In short, you get the most thorough clean ever- guaranteed.

The ECS. Carpet Care Guarantee

The unique combination of my experience, advanced equipment and the best carpet cleaning solutions available means that I can back up my claims with a money-back guarantee.

If, after your carpets have been cleaned, you are not satisfied, I will re-clean them. If you are still not happy, you get a 100% refund. Before you consider anyone else, ask if they offer an equivalent guarantee.

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What happens on the day?

Before you invite me into your home, you'll want to know what to expect.

Bang on time, you get a knock on your door, and I'll introduce myself. After I put overshoes on, I'll ask you to show me the carpets you want to be cleaned. I'll ask you to show me any spots and stains you want to be removed and tell me why you want your carpets cleaned.

With a clear picture and understanding of your needs, I'll explain what you can expect, and if some spots are impossible to clean, I'll tell you. Then, and only then, it's time to get cleaning and start work.

Moveable furniture is carefully lifted onto specially designed sliders and moved so the carpet beneath your sofas, beds, and free-standing units can be cleaned.

Hoses are brought in from the truck-mounted system. Your carpets are sprayed with a cleaning solution to loosen harmful dirt and soil. A mechanical agitator gently massages your carpet to lift and suspend dirt molecules into the cleaning solution. It's the same principle that your washing machine uses.

Now it's time to rinse the dirt out of your carpet. Pressurised hot water – hotter than an electric system – extracts the cleaning solution along with soil out of your carpet, out of your home, and into the truck-mounted carpet cleaning system.

An optional treatment can be applied to your newly cleaned carpet to protect from stains and soiling. You can also choose to have your carpet sanitised to kill off bacteria and viruses.

Any decent carpet cleaning inevitably uses water, leaving your carpet wet. The HydraMaster Titan 425 leaves behind the least amount of moisture possible, but your carpet will still be damp to touch after cleaning. So, I use fan dryers, and your room is ready for use in hours rather than days.

Your carpet cleaning isn't over yet. I am nothing if not thorough! Your carpet is hand groomed to lay the pile in One Direction. Most spots and stains are removed in the cleaning process. Still, if any areas require more personal attention, the hand grooming will reveal them. Stubborn spots are removed by hand. Carpet edges are cleaned by hand to make sure your carpet is cleaned from wall to wall.

Finally, your furniture is gently replaced with tabs under the feet to prevent unwanted marking of your freshly cleaned carpets.

As you can see, quality control is a big part of the process, which is why I am happy to offer a money-back guarantee and a powerful reason to choose ECS. Carpets Care for your next carpet cleaning.

This whole process is usually completed in close to 90 minutes for an average-sized living room.

Now you have a decision. Do you trust me with your valuable carpets or the guy who promises to beat my price?

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