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Suite cleaning before and after

You don't notice it at first. It's a gradual process. Then, one day, you look and see that your sofas and armchairs are looking, well, a bit… grubby. How did this happen?

It's quite natural. It builds up over time. Natural oils from your skin get into the arms of your chairs. Grease, hair gel and hairspray build up on the headrests. Your cats and dogs leave hair and their enchanting odours behind. And of course, there are those little mishaps…

Never mind. I can help. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Paul Elliott, and I have over thirty years of experience cleaning high-quality carpets and upholstery. Together with my wife Sarah, we own and run ECS. Carpet Care Ltd. But we don't just clean carpets.

The health and safety of your family have never been so critical. Please be assured, the truck-mounted upholstery cleaning system (link to a page describing the system) I use destroys and removes viruses and bacteria from your sofas, settees, armchairs, chaise lounge, and Ottomans. The process leaves them hygienically clean and smelling as fresh as a daisy! With one exception. I'm not equipped to clean leather. It's strictly fabric for me.

Let me explain the process, so you know what to expect.

When you invite me into your home, I'll be wearing overshoes – whatever the weather – to protect your carpets. For me, it's a matter of respect. And you don't know where I've been walking, so…

We'll have a chat about the furniture you want to be cleaned while you show me any marks and stains that you particularly wish to treat. I'll explain what can be achieved and what outcome you can expect.

If an item can't be cleaned to your satisfaction, I'll tell you. I don't want you to be disappointed in the slightest. You can decide if you wish to continue. There's absolutely no obligation. Happy to continue? Great! Here's what happens next.

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First, I'll carefully lift your furniture onto a heavy-duty dust sheet to protect the flooring underneath and around the item to be cleaned. Then I'll bring in the powerful cleaning equipment.

I'll spray your upholstery with a unique, environmentally-friendly solution that releases the soil, dirt, grease, oil and whatever else is lurking in the fabric. The unwanted particles are suspended in the solution, ready to be destroyed and removed.

Next, extremely hot water is misted under pressure into the fabric, killing bacteria and viruses and removing them along with the dirt particles all in one movement. Because the hot water mist is sprayed at an angle, the fabric is cleaned without soaking the sponge cushion pads. A powerful vacuum, twenty times more powerful than an electric plug-in system – removes the water along with the debris from your furniture.

You'll want to use your furniture as soon as you can, so I set up specially designed fan heaters to speed up the drying time.

Now it's time Quality Control. A double-check to make sure your furniture is as you expected. I'll re-treat any stubborn marks using a variety of techniques suitable for the nature of the mark and your fabric.

Your cushions will be placed to allow drying before use. I recommend leaving the cushions until thoroughly dry. But please be aware, depending on the fabric and the weave, it can take up to nine hours before your furniture is ready to use.

All happy, or have you got a question or two? Give me a call on 01621 892715 to make a booking or get some answers.

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