Sx15 1Tile and grout cleaning

Whether in your bathroom, kitchen, utility room or garage, natural stone,concrete, unglazed tiles and grout absorb oils, grease, dirt and grime. The porous material is stubbornly clinging onto anything and everything that detracts from its beauty. You've tried a toothbrush, and it takes too long and doesn't really get your tile grout clean. You bought a hand steam-cleaner, and that was disappointing too. Now it's time to bring in the big guns.

Before I start work cleaning your stone, tiles and grout, it's essential to identify exactly what the problem is. I'll ask a few questions about how the stone has been treated and cleaned in the past.

My Truck-mounted system is the ideal tool to clean your stone, porcelain, concrete and grout. Pressurised hot water and a powerful vacuum lift the soil and remove it, along with any bacteria and viruses.

Different tiles and stone require different treatments. Once I know what needs to be done, I'll spray the area with an appropriate environmentally friendly cleaning solution to loosen the soil. For particularly stubborn areas, a rotary cleaner is used to remove staining. The Truck-mounted cleaning system uses extremely hot steam and high pressure to release the dirt. A specially designed cleaning tool connects to the powerful vacuum to remove the dirt, leaving your stone and tiled surfaces hygienically clean. When the area is clean and dry, I can apply a sealant to protect against soiling.

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